Dreams into

A Tale of Passion and Perseverance

Picture a Montessori world where creativity radiates like sunlight and stories of triumph ignite a warm glow within us. 

In this story, we find ourselves in the heart of South Africa, where passion and grit come together to craft something truly special.

“In 2015 we were commissioned to make a line of clothing for Los Angeles Fashion Week! 

What a whirlwind that was! Time was running out and I coerced my husband into taking the day off work. A number of designs had satin and silk, laser-cut flowers, which had to be hand-stitched onto the garments. When we received these Laser Cut flowers, most of them were burnt around the edges, rendering them unusable!”

Undeterred by the setback, the journey pressed on. The husband was dispatched, like a modern-day knight, to recut the petals and breathe life into the designs. As he ventured forth, a daughter’s innocent remark lingered in the air – a whisper of a future they could not yet fathom.

” I sent my husband back to the Laser cutter,  to recut the flowers. As he drove away, my daughter said “Dad will say we should get a Laser machine! As fate would have it, shortly thereafter,  my husband was retrenched. 

We bought 2 Laser cutting machines, and in May 2016, we started cutting loads and loads of Father’s Day key rings. 

We have always been passionate about Early Childhood Development, and while chatting to a teacher friend,  discovered that there was a lack of resources that could assist students with spelling.”

Their passion for Early Childhood Development guided them, leading to a revelation in a conversation with a teacher friend. The lack of resources for spelling sparked a fire within. 

“After much research, trial and error My Spelling Box was born! Each slot was specifically designed with an indent to make picking up the tiles easy. The grid on the lid was added, for easy practice. Suggested Game Rules were included to ensure Learning to spell and recognize letters, could be fun and engaging.

The next box was My Maths Box! This introduced addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and fractions to young learners. My Spel Boks, Digraph and Klank boxes, were quick to follow.

After watching our Granddaughter’s fascination with placing items in and out of boxes, my husband designed My Little Box. This ensures engagement for hours on end while developing key milestones. Our ranges now include almost 50 different Educational Tools and Montessori Equipment, including, a Multiplication Board Game! All are available in English or Afrikaans.

Montessori Education

“We introduced My Moveable Alphabet Tray in sandpaper – which makes a vast difference to learners with learning challenges.”

“The feedback we receive is phenomenal! Our tools and equipment have helped many students achieve better understanding in all areas of learning. Last year we introduced,  very interactive, Unit boards,  for addition and Subtraction, which make these sums, much easier to understand. 

We have recently started growing our range of decor items,  which include, a personalised Recipe Book Stand, Personalised Photo Framed clock,  coasters and placemats as well as an exquisite, very effective Desk Organiser. This range continues to develop with many new designs being added recently.

We have decided to change our name to Everything Xquisite!

Let’s nurture the minds of tomorrow, today. We are always up for a challenge. That is how many of our tools and equipment have come about!

Get the kids Learning Early! This is our passion and focus. Every student deserves to be able to write, read and understand maths! 

– Ann

This journey stands as a testament to the remarkable power of passion and determination of South Africans. With each challenge encountered and every hurdle overcome, a legacy of learning and growth emerged. 

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Their message is simple but profound –

“Let’s nurture the minds of tomorrow, today.”