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Erratic Tales Books LEarning

Erratic Tales - Erratic Tales Activity Bundles

Erratic Tales Activity Bundles are comprehensive packages of Tjeezie Tea-Tyme Taylz with their very own Colour-Me-In Books. Explore each picture as you listen to your favourite person reading the Taylz, colouring in to your heart’s content. Be brave, be bold, or keep it soft with pastels. Use multi colours, mono-tones or select three of your favourite colours to keep it neat. Or candy-coloured rainbows to make your pictures sweet! Most of all have fun, and use your imagination to create your own magical stories.

vector rats

Interactive & Fun

The Taylz and the Colour-Me-In Book are interactive and we invite you
to explore, draw, scribble, add your own creatures, stars, swirls and more, colour with realistic colours or be daring and colour with the zaniest of combinations, but most of all HAVE FUN! And remember, it’s all about the splendid, magical, secret recipe – oh, what is in this mysterious cup of tea Mr Tjeezie Mouse wants to share with all of you and me? Wait and see!

Dr Fahr-nie & Jen