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Erratic Tales

Erratic Tales - SNAP Cards, Inspirational Cards & Stickers

The delightful Taylz of Mr Tea- Tyme Tjeezie Mouse, his friend the Crosspatch Cat, The Lickerty Shlurpity Lollipop Team, and the Mouse lolling about on the feathery crown of the owl, Owl Say!

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Tjeezie Tea-Tyme Taylz

Tjeezie Tea-Tyme Taylz are Taylz based on the cover painting of each book. You might notice on closer inspection, and once you have read each story, that several creatures are not in the paintings.

As each story unfolded, more and more characters, situations and play on words were added, which lead to the creation of our Colour-Me-In Book 1 which expands on the visual imagery of each story, adding the new characters introduced into each Tayl.

“…lickerty shlurpity
lickerty lick…
I can see what
makes you tick!”

e-Rat-eeeeeck rhymes

“…oh, how can I win…
when what you say
belongs right in the bin!”

“Silly, billy?
I’m not a goat!
No, no!
I’m not talking
about your coat!”