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Local is Lekker ZA

Giving Back - Heartfelt Community Support and Conservation

At Local is Lekker ZA, our passion for community and conservation runs deep. We actively partner with artisans who give their heart and soul to the charities they believe in. If they believe, we believe. 

Love Rescued Me!

Storytale: Love Rescued Me!

A Heart-Wrenching Tale with a Tail-Wagging End.

A unique collaboration between Erratic Tales and Oudtshoorn Dogs in Need (ODIN) who go many extra miles to rescue dogs and cats in need in the most dire of circumstances: Starving animals, animals tied with tight ropes or heavy chains, no access to water, no shelter – help us to understand why!

Odin is a registered NPO and focuses on Educate, Medicate, Rescue and Rehome. (NPO 206-528)

Not everyone can adopt a pet, but everyone can make a difference. How can you make a difference to even one rescue animal’s life?

Engage with us on every page of this heart-wrenching tale with a tail-wagging end designed to inspire hope for all. 

Vulture Awareness Project - Conservation

Funds needed to print 1 000 books: R9 000.00

Wildkidsbooksa is dedicated to equipping every school in the area with educational materials that impart knowledge about vulture species, their ecological significance, the perilous situations they face, and the collaborative efforts required to safeguard these remarkable birds from extinction.

We are working closely with the Wildlife Act to ensure this project is spearheaded in the right direction. Books are created by Kayleigh at no cost and printing of the books will rely on funds raised. The end goal is to eventually provide educational material, in a variety of languages, across all of South Africa and eventually along the routes that vultures travel.

This shared commitment ensures that a portion of our proceeds supports vital causes, from uplifting local communities to protecting Africa’s stunning biodiversity and helping animals in need. By choosing to shop with us, you become part of a movement that values and supports African creativity while making a meaningful impact on lives and the environment. Together, we can create lasting positive change.