Her Story

Today, we’ve got a heartwarming tale straight from her town, where picturesque landscapes and warm-hearted people coexist. We’re about to introduce you to someone whose passion and perseverance will leave you feeling motivated to take on the world! 

Oh, and did we mention she graduated high school at just fifteen? 

Talk about a powerhouse of determination!

“For the longest time, as a third-generation George born and raised, my biggest fear was retiring in the same small town and never knowing anything more. I figured education was the best way out and graduated high school at fifteen. I prided myself on this ideology and have since earned quite a variety of qualifications; from accounting to psychology, computer science to fashion, genomic data science to economics. 

Somehow the accumulation of it all did not satisfy me, and I lacked fulfillment unless I was able to embody ‘creation’ itself. As a professional costume maker, leatherwork was a prerequisite to winning any flashy awards, and so I inevitably fell into the leatherwork trade, fortunately enough to be in a position where I can support the cosplay community, to be able to meet passion daily and promote it.”

“Living a life of design and eccentricity alone would never be enough without actively assisting the communities that saved me. At Wild En Wol, we have emphasized skills training rather than hiring the skilled and so leaving our staff positions open to those who truly need and want it, accommodating their positions. Our team thus far has consisted of single mothers, evicted teenagers, those in recovery, cult escapees, and victims of domestic abuse. 

Although this approach has not always benefited the company and is far from the first thing that comes to mind when considering financial success, I can confidently say I have saved someone’s life, which is something I take more pride in than saying, ‘I’m just a software engineer.’

Although I took several different turns, I still ended up back in George, improving the town rather than resenting it for the reasons I wanted to leave.” – Inge

This month, we celebrate the talent, resilience, and artistry of business women like Inge and her team. Success takes on a whole new meaning for them as they touch lives and help others find their purpose. Local is Lekker ZA aims to connect with like-minded artisans and showcase talent across the continent. We’re more than just a shop; we’re a movement, uplifting artisans who upskill and make a positive impact.

We feel fortunate to have Inge and her team on our team, embodying creativity and empowerment. Join us in celebrating these exceptional business women, inspiring others to follow their dreams!