Young Entrepreneurs

Welcome to the World of Young Entrepreneurs at Local is Lekker ZA

Here, we celebrate the spark of ingenuity that resides in every young mind aged 5 to 13. Whether you’re a master crafter, budding artist, or visionary inventor, we’re here to champion your talents and help turn your ideas into reality.

But we’re not just here to showcase your products; we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your creations meet our quality standards and receive the attention they deserve. Plus, with personalized pricing options, we’ll help you navigate the world of business with ease.

Get ready to be dazzled by the creative brilliance of Sophia, one of our youngest entrepreneurs making waves at Local is Lekker ZA!

And are you aware that every sale has a percentage that goes towards conservation? Yes, she’s following in her mom, Wildkidsbooksa, Kayleigh’s footsteps!

Follow Sophia’s Page here

Affirmation Bracelets - Bush Beads by local young entrepreneurs

Affirmation Bracelets - Bush Beads

Affirmation Bracelets - Bush Beads Handmade affirmation bracelets for tweens and teens. A variety of options and colours available.


WILD Bush Bead Bracelet Set of 3

WILD Bush Bead Bracelet Set of 3

WILD Bush Bead Bracelet Set of 3 Handmade set of 3 beaded bracelets. Green and orange beads with the word 'WILD' on one of the bracelets.


Sunrise Bush Bead Bracelet Set

SUNRISE Bush Bead Bracelet Set of 3

Wildly Sophia Sunrise Bush Bead Bracelet Set This set includes 3 beaded bracelets with "SUN & RISE" beads. Shades of the sunrise beads.


Belly Beads - Bird Set

Handmade belly beads for tweens and teens. Choose from 4 colour combinations: 1. Pygmy Kingfisher (blues) 2. Lilac-breasted Roller (purple) 3. Ostrich (grey & black) 4. Lappet-faced Vulture (Dark purple...