Vision into

A Distinctive Artisanal Collection

by Laura and Marijke.

Step into a wonderful story that reveals the remarkable life of Laura and Marijke Schuiling – a domain where innovation, creativity, and the vibrancy of local brilliance entwine. As we celebrate these exceptional women during the final moments of Women’s Month, we’re reminded of the boundless potential that lies within each of us.

“Laura and Marijke Schuiling, sisters and business partners, come from a strong foundation of entrepreneurship, leadership and motivation which developed their unique skills and experience in their careers. In a changing business world and in their careers, a natural gravitation took place to birth a business which encompasses both the business ethics, values and desire to offer the world more. 

Together they head the creative team in designing a look and feel that sets the tone for your event experience, and sets your event apart. With over 15 years’ experience in the event and hospitality industry, specialising in event project planning, catering management and event styling, you are guaranteed high-quality, bespoke event solutions that are beautifully thought out and smoothly executed.”

Staying ahead of trends and always exploring new ideas, we love the challenge of bringing fresh proposals to our clients.

South African Artisanal Brilliance: Laura and Marijke Schuiling

“Our team has extensive knowledge of the industry and a supplier base second to none, which empower us to source or design almost anything. Our passion for events and our attention to every detail drives us in creating your event’s unique identity. 

We’re versatile and experimental, and together our work reflects our dedication to not only creating beautiful food & event settings, but also producing incredible guest experiences.”- Laura and Marijke Schuiling 

In a world that craves authenticity, Laura and Marijke Schuiling stand as architects of innovation, fueled by a shared vision that seamlessly blends entrepreneurship and creativity. Enter the Porium Gifting collection, where each box transcends mere gifting and blossoms into an artful experience. 

Yet, their creative brilliance extends beyond to the world of organization through Re:mote. From the Pen Holder that unites style and function to the Stackable Trays that elevate order with panache, and the Laptop Stand that harmoniously blends innovation and elegance – every piece infuses a touch of creativity into your space.

And no journey is complete without culinary delights. Introducing Foodphoria, where flavors harmonize in a symphony of tastes. From the delicate Rose Harissa to the captivating Dynamic Almond Dukkah, the spirited Powerful Fennel and Chilli Food Rub to the enriching Macadamia Extra Virgin Oil, and the enticing Garlic & Thyme Farm Olives to the raw Honey from the Farm – each creation pays homage to the bountiful wealth of African ingredients.

Wooden Pen Holder - Remote

As the sun sets on Women’s Month, prepare to be immersed in a world where each product carries the pulse of Africa, echoing the very spirit of Local is Lekker ZA. The masterpiece of Laura and Marijke Schuiling’s artisanal universe unfolds before us. The narrative of the Schuiling sisters echoes within each creation, encouraging you to partake in our movement.

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Rooted in a heritage of entrepreneurship and guided by a shared vision