by Tarryn

Inspiring Hennops Revival Journey

by Tarryn Johnston, Founder of Hennops Revival.

In essence, Tarryn Johnston’s biography embodies a tale of profound change, dedication to preserving the environment and rallying a community.

Her journey stands as a motivating testament to the ecological condition of the Hennops River, which is currently experiencing significant distress due to continuous harm inflicted by thoughtless behaviors and subsequent disregard from both public and private entities.

“I established a non-profit organization called Hennops Revival after a long journey of healing and equipping myself to deal with trauma.

The state of the Hennops River is, ecologically speaking, in a heightened state of trauma caused by systematic abuse through reckless actions followed by neglect of both the public and private sectors. “

My knowledge of water is that it too can heal

“My knowledge of water is that it too can heal, and I instinctively knew that through my love for water coupled with my extensive social network and healing abilities, I would have the resources to initiate and sustain a movement to revive this beautiful river. I have a strong following imbued with a variety of skills set and whose collective contributions create miracles.

These miracles include physically removing tons of municipal waste after flooding, community volunteer events, riverbank stabilization, litter trap design and installation, water quality testing, job creation, and general awareness and mobilisation.” 

My contribution to the healing of the Hennops River is a manifestation of my unfaltering love for life.

Tarryn’s journey with Hennops Revival is adorned with prestigious titles and awards:

The Hennops River is located in South Africa. It flows through the Gauteng Province, which includes cities like Pretoria and Johannesburg. The river is approximately 97 kilometers (60 miles) long and is a tributary of the Jukskei River, ultimately flowing into the Crocodile River. 

The Hennops River area was known for its natural beauty and recreational opportunities, including hiking trails and outdoor activities.

“None of these acts of love were happening before I took a leap of faith and established Hennops Revival. I remain steadfastly apolitical, I am detached from subjectivity and conjecture, and stay completely focused on my resolve to heal the river. The more we accomplish, the more energized I become and the more creative and innovative the solutions to healing the river become. Water is life and my contribution to the healing of the Hennops River is a manifestation of my unfaltering love for life. I am honouring my purpose with every fibre of my being.”- Tarryn Johnston

Reviving the Hennops River for Environmental Healing
Taryn Johnston Founder of Hennops Revival

Celebrate Tarryn, a catalyst for change, she founded Hennops Revival, a non-profit that breathes life into the ecologically distressed Hennops River. With an unyielding love for water and a dynamic network, Tarryn sparks cleanup initiatives, community events, and innovative solutions, uniting a community standing together in her movement. 


Her apolitical stance and a resolute focus on revival have led to tangible progress, honouring her purpose with unwavering dedication. In healing the river, Tarryn’s boundless passion and commitment to life’s vitality shine brightly.


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