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Wild Kids Mom Blog

I started a Wild Kids Mom Blog: Navigating life as a farmer’s wife, homeschooling mom, small business owner, author, manager, and conservationist
I started a blog - Wild Kids mom blog
This is my very first blog post and I am excited (also a little nervous)! 

Hello, fellow moms of wild Kids, lovers of books, nature, gardening, home-making, homeschooling and just being a mom and wife. I am Kayleigh, the founder of Wildkidsbooksa and VAPZ (Vulture Awareness Project Zululand – a conservation project) and the digital magazine, Wild Kids. I hope to share some interesting, educational, inspiring (and sometimes funny) bits about my life as a farmer’s wife and a homeschooling mom to three, young, wild kids.

As a lifelong nature enthusiast and a passionate advocate for nurturing young minds through the power of storytelling, I decided to create this blog as an extension of my small business, Wildkidsbooksa. My mission here is simple: to inspire a lifelong love of reading and ignite the imaginations of children while instilling a passion for nature, wildlife, and conservation. I would love to share my ideas and resources with other moms, in the hopes of creating a community of confident moms who find joy in the daily tasks of ‘just being a mom’.

In this cozy corner of the internet, you can look forward to a treasure trove of literary delights. We will be diving headfirst into the enchanting world of children’s books, nature, birding, wildlife, homeschooling, slow living, home-making, adventure, exploring, and finding joy in the simple things in life.  This blog will be a hub of creativity, filled with book reviews, recommendations, tips and tricks, travel advice, nature-loving activities for children, homeschooling advice and support, and a whole lot more! 

I would love to hear your comments, thoughts and suggestions on my posts, so please share your insights and experiences as well. To stay updated on the latest posts and adventures, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media (Instagram: Wildkidsbooksa). You will be the first to know about any specials, events, and exclusive giveaways. 

Thank you for joining me on this new adventure into the world of blogging. I am excited to embark on this journey with you and hope to discover some special friendships along the way.

So, dear reader, grab some coffee and a comfy seat – let’s explore, imagine, and celebrate our enchanting natural world and literature together!

With the wildest, warmest wishes…

Wild Kids Mom Blog